Type your paragraph here.Setting up service call:

Please contact Don our expert technician at (360)721-6217 to discuss the problem you are having.

Remember to get Brand name, model and general description of the particular product before calling. Don will ask questions to determine if there is something simple the caller can resolve themselves or if enough information can be discerned to provide a free estimate over the phone.  Usually at least a rough idea of what to expect can be advised.

Day and time of the service call will be decided, keeping in mind a “window” of flexibility is needed during busy periods.  The homeowner need not be home if easy contact information can be provided and accessibility including power disconnect is available.

Hot tubs should be full and a water supply is often needed.  An experienced diagnosis can be performed quickly and, when needed, confirmed by consulting with factory technicians.

Before work is begun, the client will be provided with a detailed estimate based on practicality and cost benefit to repair or replace.  Our service van is equipped to handle common problems immediately or a plan to accomplish the job will be set up.  Payment is appreciated upon completion of the work, understanding that other arrangements are sometimes needed.  Our goal is to reliably provide quality service and product value expediently and then “back it up.”  You will find Don to be friendly and comfortable to work with.  Honesty goes without saying.

New homeowners, real estate agents and home inspectors trust Don to give an accurate assessment of  Pool, Spa and Hot Tub equipment on their properties.  This inspection and report is available to anyone, so if you know someone looking at a property with a pool or hot tub, we would be happy to provide an inspe